Scooter and Lavelle

Scooter and Lavelle

Friday ยท March 2nd

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Scooter and Lavelle
Scooter and Lavelle
From the California underground scene, DJ Scooter and Lavelle Dupree are award winning dj's unto themselves. Yet, when they spin together on 4 turntables- there is, quite literally, nothing like them out there. With LaVelle's banging progressive mixes surrounding Scooter's hip-hop loops and turntable skills, they have to be seen as well as heard. This self proclaimed genre of "bangin progressive turntablism" is a unique style that has never been duplicated. Spinning together for 9 years, they have rocked shows all across the country and recently completed a 30 city US tour with Charles Feelgood.

Scooter and LaVelle have played together at some of America's top parties including Gods Kitchen (USA), Winter Music Conference (Miami), House of Blues (Los Angeles & Las Vegas) Crow Bar (Miami) and the Sundance Film Festival (Salt Lake City) just to name a few. They currently hold residencies at Las Vegas's premier party venues- Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel as well as America's #1 Halloween party, The Fantasy and Fetish Ball.

When they are not performing, they're in high demand for their production skills in the studio. The talented duo have produced numerous songs and are well known for their bangin, peak time, big room tracks.

They've been featured in Playboy's "Girls of the Hard Rock" and the feature film "Put the Needle on the Record" ( Currently touring in cities across the country, make sure to check them out cause if you haven't seen them you haven't truly heard them!
Venue Information:
Downstairs Park City
625 Main Street
Park City, UT, 84060